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About the Conference

About Conference

SciTech Conference Xplorer affiliated with International Scientific Research and Publication (ISRAP) organizes the “ International Conference on Modern Science, Engineering, Technology and Management  ” (ICMSETM Techcom-2023)  on 29th & 30th September 2023, India. 

We invite all the Speakers and Delegates from all over the world to attend this conference. It creates a perfect podium for global networking as it brings together renowned speakers and scientists across the globe to the most exciting and memorable scientific event filled with informative and interactive sessions. 

The Conference's goal is to give engineers, researchers, technocrats, and scientists a forum for exchanging ideas in the contemporary interdisciplinary domains of engineering, technology, physical sciences, and management. The purpose of this conference is to introduce the most recent developments in engineering and science applications. Utilizing a technical approach in addition to mathematical techniques enables researchers to focus on current trends and evaluate data using a variety of software that supports mathematical procedures. International Conference on Recent Trends in Science and Technology. The participants are encouraged to collaborate on the mission with other knowledgeable individuals and to go forward to find the most effective plan for creating a better society.

The Objective of the Conference

The Objective of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology Management (ICMSETM) is to provide a platform for researchers, academicians, professionals, and industry experts from around the world to exchange knowledge, share research findings, and discuss advancements in the fields of materials science, engineering, and technology management.
The conference aims to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and promote innovative research in these domains. It brings together experts and stakeholders from various disciplines to address emerging challenges and explore new opportunities in materials science, engineering, and technology management.

Key Objectives

Knowledge Exchange: Facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and research findings among participants, encouraging interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations.
Research Advancement: Provide a platform for researchers to present their latest advancements and discoveries in materials science, engineering, and technology management, thereby promoting cutting-edge research in these fields.
Networking Opportunities: Create opportunities for researchers, academicians, professionals, and industry experts to network, establish collaborations, and build lasting relationships for future research endeavors and industrial partnerships.
Industry-Academia Interaction: Promote interaction between academia and industry to foster technology transfer, innovation, and commercialization of research outcomes, leading to practical applications and solutions.
Multidisciplinary Perspective: Encourage the exploration of materials science, engineering, and technology management from a multidisciplinary perspective, considering various aspects such as materials characterization, processing techniques, engineering applications, sustainability, innovation management, and technology assessment.
Emerging Trends and Challenges: Identify and discuss emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in materials science, engineering, and technology management, including advancements in nanotechnology, biomaterials, renewable energy materials, composite materials, additive manufacturing, and smart materials.
Sustainable Development: Promote the integration of sustainable practices and principles in materials science, engineering, and technology management, focusing on environmentally friendly materials, resource efficiency, waste reduction, and circular economy approaches.
Knowledge Dissemination: Facilitate the dissemination of conference outcomes, including research papers, presentations, and discussions, to a wider audience through conference proceedings and publications, contributing to the global knowledge base in these fields.


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