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Call for AWARDS 2023

SCITECH AWARDS - affiliated with the United States of America and United Kingdom Titles are Awarded by, SciTech Awards 2023 with,  International Scientific Research and Publications LLC, United States of America World scientific research and Publications pvt ltd, United Kingdom. A fantastic opportunity to enhance your profile and felicitate the Higher Educational Institutions, Academicians, Research Scholars, and Young Engineers through the precious Award The focus will be given to Academicians, Researchers, Scientists, and Professionals from Industries.

Benefits of the Awards

  • Gold Certificate and Gold Trophy. 
  • A certificate with respective Award Title(Soft Copy/ Hard Copy). 
  • All the Awardee's Details along with photos will be published on Website.
  • Just 15 days Processing Time including Delivery.

Recognition and Appreciation Awards

The purpose of the Awards is to recognize and promote quality contributions to academic research and writing among scholars and students who present and publish papers at the ICMSETM-2023 conference. The awards are given to the most outstanding researchers of the conference under the below categories.

Enhance Your Reputation

Appending an independently judged third-party badge of excellence is a sure-fire shortcut to emphasising your merit to colleagues, clients, bosses & stakeholders.

Aspire Better Practice

Winner or not - seeing what others do for their products is an irreplacable source of tried & tested award-worthy ideas!

Celebrate with Your Team

Being an award winner is a powerful motivator to inspire you and your colleagues to keep up the great work!

Positive Headlines

Spread the good news - everyone loves a success story and winning an award is a great publicity hook for social and traditional media efforts.

Award Categories

  • Best Paper Presentation Award
  • Best Student Presentation Award
  • Session’s Best Award
  • Best Research Paper Award
  • Best Innovation/Research Idea Award

Researchers Award

  • Emerging College of the Year Award
  • Principal of the Year Award
  • HOD of the Year Award
  • Best Academic Department
  • Best Academician Award
  • Research Excellence Award (Above 35 Years)
  • Young Researcher Award (Below 35 Years)
  • Young Achiever Award (Below 35 Years)
  • Best Teacher Award
  • Academic Excellence Award
  • Best IQAC Coordinator
  • Best NAAC Coordinator
  • Best ISO Coordinator
  • Best NBA Coordinator
  • Best IIC Coordinator
  • Best Higher Education Cell Coordinator
  • Best EDC Cell Coordinator
  • Best Research Grant Holder
  • Best Mentor Award
  • Best Women Faculty Award
  • Best Senior Faculty Award
  • Best IPR Holder
  • Best Exam Cell Coordinator Award
  • Best Placement Officer Award
  • Best Book Author Award
  • Best Placement Trainer Award
  • Best NCC/ NSS/ YRC Coordinator Award
  • Best Professional Society Coordinator Award

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